Seminars and Workshops

Another one of EGL’s three pillars of curriculum delivery is teacher led.  Although this is like a traditional school, EGL is everything but traditional during teacher led seminars or workshops.  First, what is a seminar or workshop?  Workshops are skill based mini classes.  These workshops are usually one to five hours long that depend greatly on the material.  Sometimes the workshops are complete in a day and others will last a couple weeks.  Seminars at EGL are month long classes that are 90 minutes every day.  The key to seminars is the blend of multiple subjects into each seminar.  Often times there are teachers that team teach courses like; Trashed (a study on trash and its impacts Social Studies/Science/Math), The Great Bridge (a study of the Brooklyn Bridge Engineering/Science/English-book), Robotics (a hands on to building and programming robots Engineering/Electronics/English-reports) and India (a study of India emphasizing the global impact Social Studies/Science).  When thinking of these seminars it is easy to see how English meets Math or Science blends with Social Studies.  Check out the complete list of seminars here.  Workshops, as mentioned above, are skilled based.  Inventor (Computer Aided Drafting program), Shakespeare, and dissection are examples of some workshops that have been offered.  Some workshops are required but others are optional.  The interdisciplinary approach to teacher led courses enhances real life connections.  No longer are you wondering why you are learning something but instead how can you apply it.

Here is a video description of interdisciplinary learning: