Project Based Learning

The third pillar of the EGL’s curriculum is project based learning.  This part of Wausau EGL’s curriculum is what really separates us from traditional learning.  With traditional classes it isn’t always easy to be in an individualized learning environment. Students choose challenging projects they are interested in.  Just like seminars, most projects are interdisciplinary and critical thinking is an important part of projects.  Computer programming, building a trebuchet, researching electronics and building a 3D printer are just a few examples of the endless opportunities students have during project based time.  Project based learning naturally leads to important skills like planning, goals, timelines, managing work time and presentations that are essential skills for future employment.

The ultimate in EGL project based learning will be in the last year at EGL in the form of a capstone project.  A senior capstone project is a 200 hour project that utilizes the scientific method to solve a problem. This intense and rigorous project is a year long project.  In May the seniors get to show off all of their hard work.  Its clearly icing on the cake.

Here are some videos of projects students have done

Don’t know what project based learning is???  Check out this video: