Leadership, Job Shadows and Internships

An important part of EGL Academy is the development of leadership.  Merriam Webster defines leadership as the capacity to lead.  Leadership is an important part of all of EGL’s daily routine.  Throughout your four years at EGL you will focus on leadership.  You can see an outline of your four year leadership development in this document.

“Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” ~Norwegian Proverb

Much like the Norwegian proverb states you probably learned the most through your experiences.  EGL offers a fantastic opportunity to gain experience.  Most juniors through out the year will go on job shadows to local businesses.  The multiple experiences will give a broad view of the possibilities that may be of interest to you.  Here is an outline of EGL’s job shadow outline.

In you senior year you will have an opportunity to be an intern at a local business.  Not sure what an internship is?  Its a chance to “test drive” a profession you are interested in.  This experience is going to be invaluable experience in your quest to find your career calling.  Check out where some of our students are interning now.