Junior Year Planning Timeline

  1. Attend Back to School Orientation meeting in August with parents.
  2. Attend the WI Education Fair in September at UWMC.
  3. Review your transcript and evaluate your GPA. Make sure you are choosing appropriate seminars and projects for graduation and your post-secondary plans.
  4. Take the PSAT which is administered in the middle of October.
  5. Set up your personal Job Shadows for a field you are interested in.
  6. Start your Junior Mini-Capstone Community Project for 90-hours
  7. Research college entrance requirements, visit the campuses you are interested in and     narrow down your list of schools.
  8. Attend the high school visits that college representatives have in the Career Center at Wausau East.
  9. Revise your four-year plan; work with your advisor to make sure you are on track for graduation.
  10. Take the ASVAB in December. This is an excellent interest and ability assessment.
  11. Take the ACT with all juniors in Wisconsin in March. The ACT National Testing dates continue to be available for students who may want to take the ACT multiple times.
  12. Begin requesting letters of recommendation that may be needed for college or scholarship applications. Plan ahead and request letters at least three weeks in advance. At least one letter should come from an academic teacher who knows you well.
  13. For students interested in technical colleges, applications can be submitted as early as second semester of junior year. A complete application includes the application, application fee, transcript, and test scores such as the ACT* or Accuplacer*. Apply as early as possible to avoid program waitlists.
  14. UW System application will be available on August 1st. You can work on the application and even complete it but will be unable to submit it until September 1st.